Academic research into Regulatory Quality

It is understood that this site compiles principally resources useful for practicioners, often drafted by officials themselves on the basis of their practical experience.
But because  Regulatory Quality principles and solutions are still being fine-tuned "on the hoof", the contribution from the academic world can be very useful when it is necessary to take stock of past experience, or compare different solutions with the rigour and independence of scientific research.
This is why this page is being prepared, and will be enriched as relevant content is brought to the editor's attention. Its purpose is to centralise links to bibliographies and relevant work done in the academic context on our RQ issues,.
Research institutions studying our issues came together under the ENBR.



Here are just a few references to start with:

Helsinki, 1-2 March 2010
Legislative Studies: Better Regulations / A Critical Assessment

Brussels, 15-16/Mar/2010
Better Regulation in the EU Today: Key Principles, Concepts and Practices

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