Other approaches or interpretations of Better Regulation / Regulatory Quality

As this site has the ambition to provide an overview of all contributions to the understanding or development of RQ, it would not be correct to limit its contents to the presentation of the regulators' policies and their promotion of their approach.
As happens whith all policies, interested parties (stakeholders) naturally want to influence the outcome of regulatory work, especially during the consultation or review phase.
In general, regulatory quality is not very frequently targeted, as it seems an innocuous enough topic. However, in a number of cases, stakeholders have attacked not only the end-product (legislation claiming to be the result of a better regulation drive), but the premises themselves, the principles of better regulation for instance, with the claim that they are ideologically driven, that they primarily seek to abolish regulation protective of certain legitimate interests. In some cases, the advocates of these causes have invested in grasping the mechanics of RQ and are denouncing bias. Such contributions enrich the discussion and may be useful in limiting known defects.

The purpose of this page is to centralise such stimulating material, whether it is supportive or critical of current policies. For the moment, these are the documents in that category which the editor has noticed:

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